The Lord Warden of Fallcrest has had enough of kobold raids along the old King’s Road. He has put up posters in the Market Green looking for adventurer’s to rid the surrounds of Fallcrest of this growing menace.

Nimozaran the Green apprenticed under the last of the “High Septarch of Fallcrest” and knows more about the history of the Nentir Vale than any living man.

Witnesses saw a small group of death cultists traveling toward Winterhaven about a year ago but no one has heard any news of evil-doings from the northen town.

Kavalar Coppernight, a dwarf prospector, led a couple of dozen volunteers in a quest for rich veins of ore. Several months ago, they began underground mining operations, as well as a surface excavation for a small keep. Hearing of this development, the Lord Warden Faren Markelhay sent two veteran militia members to investigate. They should have returned two days ago, and their families are growing anxious.


Zanros the Destitute, the local drunkard, has been telling everyone he saw a white dragon fly over Fallcrest several nights nights ago.

Kobolds have stolen a wagon loaded with cargo from a caravan on the King’s Road. Among the cargo in the stolen wagon was a cured green dragon hide destined for Teldorthan Ironhews’s shop.


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