Revenant of Ruin

Most of the time, death is the end of the story, but sometimes it’s another beginning. A revenant arises not as an aimless corpse of a life lost but as the embodiment of a lost soul given new purpose. Such a creature walks in two worlds. Though the revenant moves among the throngs of the living, it has a phantom life—a puppet mockery of the existence its soul once knew. The revenant is an echo haunted by the memory of itself.

A revenant exists as a singularity. No guild of assassins or band of murderers counts a host of revenants among their number. No army of soldiers with dark intent marches down the shadowed path of the revenant. Even in the company of others, a revenant walks alone.

As a revenant, great powers returned your spirit to the world in a new body for a unique purpose. As a revenant assassin, great powers have forced your soul to be reborn for a dark cause. Whether given your new existence by the Raven Queen or some other entity, you exist to kill someone—or perhaps it is your destiny to kill hundreds.

Your revenant character is only half alive, and as an assassin, he or she possesses only a portion of his or her soul. The death you carry with you as part of your being has replaced a portion of your soul kept in the Shadowfell as assurance that you will complete your god-given tasks. Perhaps when you’ve done what’s demanded of you, you will regain the lost shard of your soul and you will be allowed to pass on in peace. Maybe you hope for a return to life as well as spiritual wholeness with success in your task. Regardless, you know what is required of you, and it involves the spilling of a great deal of blood.

A revenant has a body that is slender for his or her height, but this form possesses an uncanny toughness that contradicts the apparent build. Revenants have the same range of complexions as humans, but a revenant’s skin is ashen and the features are sunken. Eyes are most commonly solid black with a single point of red light in place of a pupil, but other eerie eye colors—including yellow, white, silver, and gold—are not uncommon, although they always share the same fiery red pupil. In most cases, the eyes lack an iris and pupil, and some glow with a ghostly light. Revenant hair typically ranges from black to white. They can grow facial hair, and males often have beards or mustaches that accentuate their dreadful countenances. A revenant’s face and skin clearly set a member of this unique race apart from other humanoids. A revenant’s visage has a masklike quality that can be disturbing to normal mortals.

Revenants usually remember only snippets of their former lives—just enough to push them toward the purpose for which some power raised them. Many don’t even remember their names and thus take new ones fitting their dispositions. Memories come in dreams and flashes of insight, often provoked by the revenant’s experiences. Brushing shoulders accidentally in the market could call to mind the bumped person as a lifelong friend. The sight of a pale hand moving through lustrous hair could remind the revenant’s heart of a lost love. Yet these memories can be deceptive. The memory of friendship might neglect the betrayal that caused a rift. The lost love might be
long dead, and the memory serves only as a lure to the revenant. Each remembrance has its purpose: as a reward, punishment, bait, or aid. All are true, but the power that raised the revenant can sometimes control which truths the revenant recalls.

The rarity of revenants results in few having much knowledge of them. Experts in religion or
those who encountered revenants in the past might know of them, but for most people revenants are
strange and alien.

Unnatural Vitality: Whenever you drop to 0 hit points or fewer, you are dying but you can choose to remain conscious until you attempt your first death saving throw. If you remain conscious, you can take only one standard action before you attempt your first death saving throw.

Dark Reaping: You can use dark reaping as an encounter power.

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Revenant of Ruin

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