PC Posting

Post your characters under the Character Tab of the wiki. Add a link here.

Keep your races to the ones found in the PHB. Don’t forget we need at least one each of controller, defender, leader, and striker. So people can get on with making their characters post here as soon as you have worked out what you are doing and then add details as you have time.

I will make a cleric, so have a character for the leader position.(Toonie)

Glorien Ethlaron – Elven Ranger (striker)

Hazkal – Dwarf Fighter (Defender)

Merry Merric – Halfling Rogue (striker)

Looks like i am last to the table and will take the Controller role… am thinking Sorcerer but will look. Are we limited to PHB classes too? I have access to D&D Insider and many books… so i may take the Shaman or something a bit odd? Clay

Im taking a wizard – JoeKano

Joreb Innitu – Human Paladin (Defender)

Q. Are we limited to specific races?
A. We are limited to the races stated in the Character Backgrounds entry.
Q. Are we limited to PHB classes too?
A. Nope. But keep it as something that you have a good understanding of, as I have enough on my plate already.

PC Posting

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