Maptool Client

For the game we will be using the free maptool client found at Make sure you have build 75. It’s a java application that will run on any OS. You may also want to download tokentool and have a go at making your own tokens.

We will be using the Rumble Slim framework. This allows a reasonable degree of automation and tracking of information, whilst still maintaining a reasonable net speed. Some powers can be coded fully using macros. In the future i envisage that players will be responsible for coding and testing their own powers but I am happy to do this for them at first.

After downloading the framework campaign file load it up using maptool and have a muck around with the sample tokens. The client and the framework itself can be a bit daunting at first. Make sure to watch the tutorials as well, they are very helpful.

If you have any questions, ask away…

You can use Java WebStart by clicking here

Maptool Client

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