For those of you that no longer have, or haven’t had the d2 disks just d/l the ISO’s, and install with the 16 digit keys. Here is everything you will need to do that.

First of course, is the disks…about 500MB each about 5-10min DL
Install Disk
Play Disk
Cinematics Disk
Expansion Disk

You’ll need daemon tools to read these iso files.
Daemon Tools Lite

1.13c patch

The following files will be needed, to run without the disk they are both found on the Expansion disc..

Keys: main 22WT-RT4G-VWC7-W27E expan 7JHF-87PM-EXNM-KM2P

Obviously, download the diablo iso’s first, d/l and install D Tools. Mount the disks, to daemon tools, and enter your keys as it asks. After you get it installed, place the patch directly in the d2 folder, and run it. Lastly, place the d2xvid, and d2xmusic files in the folder, and you’re done.

You may experience OS issues if you have anything exceeding XP. Set compatability to XP2 and tick all boxes but 640×480.

If running windows 7:
1. Download this file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11178616/Diablo/Diablo.bat

It will stop explorer running while diablo 2 is running, because it causes colour glitches.

2. Right click “Diablo II.exe” and click Properties. Then go to the compatibility tab and change settings as above.

3. Executing “Diablo.bat” will now launch Diablo II correctly. You may want to make a shortcut to the bat file.

4. Upon Exit you will need to select the command prompt window and press any key to relaunch explorer.


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