The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 6: Hazkals Log, Date FVK4, Year of the Platypus

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: chunky04

After a short rest, we explored further into the mine of Kavalar Coppernight, seeking to wrest from those scaly little beasts! The party ventured forth down into the mine, and soon found a room that gave a hint that perhaps this mine was a much grander affair than we’d been led to believe.

Encounter7 1

The mine landing was quite grand, with statues of Dwarf heroes and a lush velvet carpet, and many tapestries of old glories on the walls. Of course, this tale would be much more boring without the scaly menace being present.

Encounter7 2

As Joreb and I rushed forth to bring the kobolds to battle, the reptilian munchkins attacked us with the tapestires. I mean, what sort of honourable combatants use textiles depicting our great triumphs as weapons? Unfortunately for Joreb, he was stuck for some time.

Encounter7 4

Of course, no mere cloth could contain me, and I soon charged the bedamned “Wyrmpriest” and cut him in twain! With their leader destroyed so eloquently, the remaining kobolds were demoralised, and easy picking for such a hardened group of kobold hunters such as ourselves. There were a lot of the blighters though, and we required a bit of a lie down before we progressed into the landing.

Encounter7 5

The next room looked like Coppernights feasting hall, though with still nary a Dwarf to be seen (even in the form of bones), it looks like the room had been put to more nefarious purposes.

Encounter8 1
We quickly became embroiled in a brawl with some of our scaly foes of types we had not yet seen, and I was just preparing to give them a taste of my maul when lo and behold the brother of the dragon we had previously slain showed himself. I believe I shall have to bring Zanros the Destitute on our next expedition, so that he might know wtf a dragon looks like. He made some noise about avenging his brothers death and yadayadablahblahIhithimwithmymaul.
Encounter8 2
Once, I proved vital in the felling of another draconic creature, doing significant damage with my maul, which may one day prove to be as powerful as Wyrmfire in the slaying of the scaled beasts. This time, I say quite proudly, I even finished the encounter concious, though it was a close run thing, and once again the valorous Joreb came to my aid with his powers of healing, though why he finds it necessary to get all touchy feely I shall never know, still, I cannot deny the efficacy of his communion with his god, it certainly makes one feel alive!
Encounter8 6
Verily, after slaying the dragon, we had to finish off the remainder of his minions, including a few sneakers amongst them. I retrieved for myself some more dragon teeth to fashion into jewelry, and we prepared to attempt to broach the door, perhaps into the mine proper. I dread to think that perhaps these two dragons we have faced thus far may perhaps simply be the offspring of whatever lies beneath. I doubt Mummy dragon will be best pleased with us…
Encounter8 7

XP = 1423 / 4 members = 355 XP each

Session 5: Brand New Journey, Same Old Foe (maybe?)

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric
Write up: Faulcon

Following Hazkal’s discussion with Lord Warden Faren Markelhay, the group were enjoying a few drinks down at their regular water hole when a summons arrived. The Lord Warden had lost patience and could not wait for word back from his men any longer, would the adventurers be willing to investigate their disappearance and hopefully bring them back alive?

Naturally such a request could not be refused; still there were some minor concerns that needed to be addressed before charging off into the wilderness. Just little things like what if there were dragons? Even without needing to confer there seemed to be a consensus view that while a veritable army of kobolds might be worth the 200 gold on offer, dragons were an entirely different matter. The Lord Warden was eventually convinced and agreed to provide a further 100 gold coins if the adventurers returned with proof of having killed a dragon, with that it was time to leave.

On the way out of town, they left a message with the publican, if Balasar and Banford woke from their alcohol induced comas they were to head west and meet the party by Kavalar Coppernight’s construction site. It should be easy enough to find them; a trail of Kobold corpses would mark the way.

At the site

Coppernight had elected to construct his fort on good defensive ground, two sides were guarded by sheer cliffs and the other two had been fenced off. As usual the party was attempting to proceed quietly around the fences; as usual the musical clanking of armour from the back of the group gave them away in spite of Glorien’s feather soft footsteps. Out front the elven ranger swiftly drew his bow and two cut off screams could be heard.

Into the fray

Reprisals were swift in coming as kobold minions and slingers leapt out at Glorien and the rest of the party rushed to come to his aid. Minions were dropping like flies but not before stabbing holes into Glorien and Merry while the slingers peppered them with glue pots, fire pots, and stink pots. Everyone present could have sworn Merry was nearly flattened by a well-placed fire pot only to blink in puzzlement as it actually sailed well wide of the little rogue.

No escape

It took little time for the 4 adventurers to destroy their foes, the slingers attempting in vain to flee while the minions were overrun. When the final slinger collapsed with a dagger between his ribs, Joreb, Merry, and Glorien felt a strange yet enervating surge run through them.

XP = 600 / 4 member = 150 XP each

Interlude: After Kobold Hall

Treasure gained:
Area 1: Nothing
Area 2: Small bag containing 60GP
Area 3: 100GP, ruby, 2 garnets
Area 4: Small silver key
Area 5: 100GP, pearl, +1 lifedrinker longsword
Teldorthan: 200GP

Total GP: 460GP

Quest XP = 500/6 = 83 XP each

Hazkal talks to Zanros the Destitute to try and establish if the dragon he saw was the same one they killed, or a more mature dragon. He also asks around town (especially merchants and caravan guards and other travellers, if anyone has heard the name Irontooth.

Last of all, he’ll talk to the Lord Warden of Fallcrest about whether their endeavours have helped stem the kobold problem.

He’ll also ask Nimozaran the Green about Irontooth.

Zanros the Destitute: “A dragon? what dragon? I’ve never seen a dragon in these parts. Unless you count that woman who used to share my home…You saw a dragon did you, dwarf? Sure you haven’t been drinking some of those Hammerfast spirits? Got any spare for a poor old soul? It’s going to be cold out tonight…”

No one has heard of the name Irontooth but those travelling outside Fallcrest claim the kobolds are getting more adventurous each day. Something seems to be stirring them up.

The Lord Warden is pleased you have cleaned out Kobold Hall but says “I fear these kobolds are under every rock in the Nentir Vale. They are a stain upon the country side and a blight on our prosperity. At this very moment I have two of my own milita investigating a disappearance that those scaly low-lifes are no doubt behind. I will send for you if my men prove not up to the task”

Nimozaran: “Irontooth huh? I bet he has teeth of iron! I will consult my libraries and ask my apprentice to keep an ear out for information”

Merry Merric is going to go and venture out to sell his “rare, magical items retrieved from a dragons den” and try to make some money. I’m also going to go to the Blue Moon to tell of my well embellished tales and try to pick a few pockets of drunken merchants.

Merry is a little bitter that he is surrounded by such a group of do-gooder’s with no knowledge of commerce (in his opinion) and believes he should have gotten more for that armor off the stingy dwarven smith.

No one seems overly keen on the “dragon items” apart from Zanros the Destitute. He claims to have seen a small dragon swooping over the forest as he went for a walk, just an hour ago. “Right after a dwarf asked me about the beasts too. I bet he might be interested in your items!”

Balasar is going to go and visit the temple of Erathis to offer thanks for surviving against the white dragon and pray for better accuracy with his maul in the future, before heading over to Naerumar’s Imports to look for some more freelance work and finishing up at the Nentir Inn for a quiet drink.

Glorien will pay a visit to High Priest Ressilmae Starlight at the Moonsong Temple to see what he knows of Irontooth, or of increased unrest in the country side, he will also ask what he knows of the Lord Warden and Nimozaran, to determine if they are honourable leaders for the people of Fallcrest.

Session 4: Is it a bit chilly in here?

PCs present: Balasar Torrin, Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: almic85

Having taken out the guard drakes in the previous room the adventurers decided to take a more careful approach in the next room letting Merry Merric and Glorien Ethlaron sneak into the room to have a quick look around.

After spotting some kobolds up ahead Glorien decided to use the element of surprise and launch an opening salvo at a dragonshield kobold that was spotted in the distance. However the surprise was on Glorien as a distant rumbling sound suddenly became a lot louder as a large boulder rolled past the elf before crashing into a wall and bouncing off in another direction.

The kobolds then launched a counter attack with a spiretop drake swooping down to attack Balasar and managing to take a fairly chunky bite from the dragonborn warrior before he was able to strike back and hurt the beast. With the added support of Joreb and Merric, Balasar was able to make short work of the spiretop drake while Glorien continued to focus his arrows at the dragonshield kobold he had hit earlier after being immobolised by kobold gluepot.

The large boulder however continued to rumble around the room and managed to squash the hapless halfing Merric underneath its massive weight as his fancy acrobatics proved ineffectual against the height of the boulder. Joreb selflessly ran through the path of the boulder to assist the immobolised Glorien and managed to pull him free of the kobold gluepot just in time for Glorien to move out of the path of the massive boulder before again failing to find the mark with his arrows.
4 1
Having been hit with one of the kobold slingers now infamous gluepots Balasar became stuck to the ground and despite several attempts was unable to muster the strength to pull himself free, leaving him at the mercy of the approaching Dragonshield Kobold, while Merry managed to get himself out from underneath the boulder and climb to the top of the central platform before pushing one of the kobold slingers down into the path of the oncoming boulder.

Hazkal meanwhile charged towards the Kobold Wyrmpriest and managed to land a spectacular blow upon the pesky kobold before finishing off the pesky kobold as he tried to flee from his dwarven strength.
4 2
Following Glorien’s string of poor accuracy Joreb moved up to defend the ranger from the approaching dragonshield and slinger, while Glorien tried to evade the two kobolds. Meanwhile Merry was making short work of the other kobold slinger on top of the central podium and managed to slay the kobold with a flourish of daggers.
4 3
With all the other adventurers having moved further into the dungeon Balasar was left to face the lone Dragonshield kobold with little aid and struggled with the task at hand, before Glorien managed to finally land a shot and cause some damage to the shifty kobold.

Now that Hazkal had finished searching the corpse of the Wyrmpriest he decided to rejoin the fray and charged into the fray alongside Joreb to take on the remaining kobold slinger. Merry leaped down from his perch and landed the killing blow on the remaining dragonsheild while Glorien managed to land the kill shot on the final kobold slinger.

After examining the map and key that Hazkal found on the wyrmpriest a door into the next chamber was found, however before moving onto the next chamber the adventurers decided to block the entrance with a large boulder and take an extended rest in order to recuperate in case of further trouble.

After waking from there extended rest the adventurers decided to continue on through the locked door and into the next chamber. Merry Merric took the lead using his roguish senses to look for traps however the only thing that he did notice was a growing chill in the air as the adventures moved down the narrow corridor. After turning the final corner the adventurers soon discovered the source of the cold to be a young white dragon lurking in the corner of its lair.

Without missing a beat Hazkal fearlessly charged into battle against the dragon becoming a lasting threat for the remainder of the encounter. After gaining some courage from the dwarfs headlong charge Balasar and Joreb moved in to support Hazkal and surround the dragon, while Merry Merric slipped in behind looking for a soft spot to sink his dagger into and Glorien Ethlaron stood back and peppered the dragon with arrows.
4 4
Not liking being surrounded and attacked the dragon let out an icy blast towards Hazkal and Joreb, who were now standing side by side against the threat, before focussing its fury on the chunky dwarf warrior. Luckily Joreb was nearby to lay his healing hands on the dwarf however it did not seem to be enough with the dragon eventually knocking Hazkal unconscious before the diminutive rogue Merry Merric managed to dart in and land the killing blow.

With the dragon defeated the adventures revived Hazkal and Merry Merric set about unlocking the dragons treasure chest. With the dragonhide recovered for Teldorthan and a small treasure trove to split up the adventurers headed back the way they had come towards the town of Fallcrest bringing an end to this adventure.

Total XP (1600) / 5 Party members = 320 XP each

Session 3: And then there were six...

PCs present: Balasar Torrin, Banford Coltrane, Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric
Write up: Chavo

With the party thickened up by the addition of Hazkal, Balasar and Banford the party ventured deeper into the lair in search of the missing armour shipment.

Our adventurers quickly found company in the form of more Kobold’s on 10-foot ledge… Already ceding the higher ground to the enemies, they added to their own woes with Banford’s unsubtle entrance to the chamber losing them any chance of a surprise attack.

Swldnd 2109

The problem were short lived however, as after some momentary difficulties with the Takeshi’s Castle style defenses, our heroes stormed the ledge and quickly dispatched the few sentries up on the ledge.

Deeper into the defenses a new enemy emerged in the form of a pair of Guard Drakes. The drakes took some sizable pieces out of the Hazkal, but not enough however to slow the teams progress.

With a much thicker front line, and some strong team work building, things are looking up for Terldorthan – surely it is a matter of time before he gets his wares back.

Total XP (675) / 6 Party members = 112 each

Session 2: Further Adventuring

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: Tomay
The three brave (kindof) adventurers continued their venture into the dungeon nervously edging their way further. Eventually they were lead to a new room and cautiously peered in to discover another Kobold. Taking the Kobold by surprise, the adventurers quickly sprung an attack, quickly venturing into the room only to discover three more Kobolds awaiting them.
Session2 2

As the Kobolds noticed their presence, they approached the adventurers. Glorien got a few shots off with his bow which had little effect and only managed to enrage the Kobolds further. Sensing the possibility of trouble, Joreb took initiative and approached the two Kobolds to the West. On his Approach Joreb was hit with a dart from some sort of undiscovered trap. Merry Merric went to support Joreb and the two managed to dispatch of the first Kobold, after taking a little damage.

Session2 3

A flanking Kobold managed to attack a lonely Glorien and deal some damage. Merry Merric came to Gloriens aid and the two dispatched him with flanking attacks and finally some good accuracy from Glorien’s bow.

Joreb pursued the last of the Kobolds, being hit by two more darts in the process which left him significantly hurt. However, he managed to dispatch of the last Kobold and the team was left hurt and cautious of the possibility of more traps.
Session2 4

Total XP (550) / 3 Party members = 183 XP each

Session 1: Work at Last!

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: Barre

Things had been quiet in Fallcrest, trade had slowed, supplies were adequate, ruffians had been roughed up, in short, there was little work for the avid adventurer to put mead in his mug. As empty mugs were inspected closely by a group of said adventurers news entered the Blue Moon tavern of a lost shipment of goods due to be delivered to Teldorthan Ironhews, a respected arms dealer who is favoured by anyone who feels passionate about the integrity of their breastplate as a menacing cudgel is rapidly approaching their ribs unchecked.

The rumour was that kobolds had made off with the loot not too far from town and have taken it to their lair at Kobold Hall. Retrieval would not be an easy task so help would be required, mugs were cast aside with care and a group was formed.

After visiting Teldorthan the rumours were confirmed and unemployment was a thing of the past. The group, the Blue Moon crew, left that day en route to Kobold Hall. After a short uneventful journey they found the ruins. A search of the grounds found little activity and little indications of what they would be facing, however it did uncover a pit entrance to an underground portion of the ruins.

With little other choice they set forth into the darrrk. Almost immediately they stumbled upon a lone kobold, who quickly screeched something indecipherable, although the meaning was clear, a warning to others.

A quick move to dispatch the kobold turned into a more major conflict as others were found nearby to help with the defence. The battle raged quickly, the kobolds taking a particular dislike to the halfling companion Merry Merric landing vicious blows thick and fast, without the support of Joreb his story would have ended there, but with the care and muscle of Joreb the battle was quickly turned in favour of the adventurers and the kobolds where finished.

Session 1

Total XP (500) / 3 Party members = 167 XP each

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