The Slave Sword

weapon (melee)

Originally: Lifedrinker Longsword (+1)

Lifedrinker Longsword – Lvl 15 +3 25,000 gp
This weapon transfers an enemy’s vitality to you.

Enhancement (+3): Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical (19,20): +3d6 necrotic damage


  • You have no desire to rid yourself of the weapon.
  • You will not willingly allow anyone else to hold or take the weapon.
  • You attempt to protect the holder of The Rod of Ruin to the detriment of yourself or others.
  • When you drop an enemy to 0 hit points or fewer with a melee attack made with this weapon, gain 10 temporary hit points.
  • The paladin power Virtuous Strike no longer works.
  • The paladin power Righteous Smite no longer grants 5 temporary hit points to allies, but does grant 10 temporary hit points to the holder of The Rod of Ruin, if within range.
  • The paladin power Sacred Circle no longer works.
  • The paladin power Lay On Hands no longer works.
  • The paldin power Bless Weapon no longer works.
  • The paladin power Radiant Delerium now deals Necrotic Damage rather than Radiant.
  • The holder of The Rod of Ruin may use an at-will, minor action to grant you a standard action.

Attained after slaying a Young White Dragon in Kobold Hall. Session 4.

This weapon has been “captured” by The Rod of Ruin.

The Slave Sword

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