The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 1: Work at Last!

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: Barre

Things had been quiet in Fallcrest, trade had slowed, supplies were adequate, ruffians had been roughed up, in short, there was little work for the avid adventurer to put mead in his mug. As empty mugs were inspected closely by a group of said adventurers news entered the Blue Moon tavern of a lost shipment of goods due to be delivered to Teldorthan Ironhews, a respected arms dealer who is favoured by anyone who feels passionate about the integrity of their breastplate as a menacing cudgel is rapidly approaching their ribs unchecked.

The rumour was that kobolds had made off with the loot not too far from town and have taken it to their lair at Kobold Hall. Retrieval would not be an easy task so help would be required, mugs were cast aside with care and a group was formed.

After visiting Teldorthan the rumours were confirmed and unemployment was a thing of the past. The group, the Blue Moon crew, left that day en route to Kobold Hall. After a short uneventful journey they found the ruins. A search of the grounds found little activity and little indications of what they would be facing, however it did uncover a pit entrance to an underground portion of the ruins.

With little other choice they set forth into the darrrk. Almost immediately they stumbled upon a lone kobold, who quickly screeched something indecipherable, although the meaning was clear, a warning to others.

A quick move to dispatch the kobold turned into a more major conflict as others were found nearby to help with the defence. The battle raged quickly, the kobolds taking a particular dislike to the halfling companion Merry Merric landing vicious blows thick and fast, without the support of Joreb his story would have ended there, but with the care and muscle of Joreb the battle was quickly turned in favour of the adventurers and the kobolds where finished.

Session 1

Total XP (500) / 3 Party members = 167 XP each