The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 10: The Long Road to Winterhaven

or not more kobolds!!!

PCs present: Balasar Torrin, Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu
Write up: almi85

After the action in the local tavern and their talk with “the one” our adventurers decided to make the long trip to Winterhaven to investigate mysterious cult that had begun abducting people in the area.

Leaving the hapless dwarf and halfling to take their time on the rode Balasar, Glorien and Joreb forged ahead on the road to Winterhaven eager to take a look around and try to put an end to the abduction of innocent villagers.

Encounter13 1

Unfortunately their haste on the road walked them directly into an ambush set by some kobold raiders.

Encounter13 2

Encounter13 3

Encounter13 4

However the trio made short work of the kobold raiders with Glorien even managing to hit a few of the scaly blighters with some arrows (not bad for an elf) after running back behind the statuesque fighter and paladin, who were beset on all sides by minions and dragonshields.

Encounter13 6

After dealing with the kobolds and investigating the local area the graves of three other travellers were found on the roadside. After reading the names all three adventurers agreed that they were of no importance and were likely just fellow travellers that had failed to repel the kobold ambush and without Merry there to suggest some gravedigging the holy influence of the paladin left the trio with no option but to continue onto Winterhaven.

Upoon arriving at Winterhaven the adventurers visited the local tavern to try and find the Lord of Winterhaven but were informed he would arrive shortly so set about talking to some of the locals. However after talking to them all it seemed as if something was amiss as none of them knew anything about abductions or cults but were instead all focussed on those dastardly kobolds.

Upon arrival the Lord of Winterhaven also seemed to know nothing of the abduction of various villagers but was instead completely focussed on the perceived kobold threat. After listening to his obnoxious yammering long enough the adventurers finally relented and agreed to look into the “kobold threat” while investigating the disappearance of the local villagers.

After speaking to the lord the adventurers decided to have a quick chat with an elf ranger who was skulking in the corner and looked out of place with the rest of the townfolk. The discussion here was quite a bit more interesting with the elf advising that the entire town seemed to be either in on the abductions or completely oblivious to them. so with a bit more caution the adventurers bid the elf farewell and began mingling with the locals until the rest of the merry band would turn up.


Salvana Wrafton: A man by the name of Douven Staul arrived here from Fallcrest months ago. He had a room here for a time. He had some business with Eilian. Funny thing is he disappeared one day and never returned. I never did find out what happened to him.
Kobolds! Those buggers are getting braver all the time! They aren’t talking about it, but people are worried that things are about to get a lot worse. Farmers from the southern farms haven’t been coming to market.
She denies that there are any real problems… but there’s a worried look in her eye and a nervous glance towards her pantry. Lord Padraig would probably be interested in hearing your story. He’s been trying to get the militia to clear out those vermin for the last few months with no success.

Eilian the Old: You knew Douven? I always wondered what happened to him! He had questions about the old burial site southwest of the village. Thought a dragon might be buried there! I told him it was probably just an old trash heap, but he wouldn’t hear of it, no sir! Well, of course I gave him directions to the place. I am something of a historian of the area, you know! Oh yes, Douven! Well, he took my directions, and we haven’t seen him since. I do hope the poor man is all right!” Eilian pens a small map showing the way to the burial site. He knows nothing else of Douven’s fate, or the nature of the site itself – Eilian never visited the location, he just knows of it from old hunters’ tales. The map Eilian provides is sufficient to find the burial site.
Little red and brown bandits on the road? The old King’s Road? Really? I hadn’t heard. Could be redcaps. They slip out of the Feywild every so often to cause mischief, but I haven’t heard about any . . . well, I’ve never heard about them around here. Are you sure it was redcaps?

Thair Coalstriker: So, you had a run in with the kobold brigands? Yeah, kobolds. Annoying little dragon droppings! We’ve always had a few in the area, but they’ve really been growing more bold in recent months. Some of the traders who visited us on a regular basis have stopped making the trip, and I’m afraid more will follow if something isn’t done to drive off the foul creatures.

Lord Padraig: You’ve encountered the kobolds that have turned the old King’s Road and our outlying farms into their personal hunting grounds? Those beasts vex me sorely. Yet the villagers refuse to recognize the seriousness of the problem. Attacks along the road have grown more frequent over the last few months. Something’s stirring the kobolds up. I don’t suppose you would be interested in taking a commission from me? I promise you, I can pay well for your services.
He pulls out a map that indicates the location of the kobold lair to the east and south of the village. He says that a group of stalwart adventurers who confront the kobolds has a reasonable chance of dispatching the creatures. Padraig indicates they are free to keep whatever loot they find in the kobold lair, even if it is the former property of Winterhaven’s villagers. He also agrees to pay them 100 gp.

Skill Challenge (The Mystery of Old Sara) will run across several sessions. Requires 6 successes before 3 failures:
1st success: PCs learn that an old woman called Old Sara has disappeared from her small home in Winterhaven. No one seems to know what has happened to her.
2nd success: PCs learn from Delphina Moongem at the market that she saw old Sara entering Bairwin’s shop that fatal day she disappeared, as she usually did on her morning walk. “Like to see that Bairwin took care of her old store”, as she used to say, but then she never came over to the market.



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