The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 14: Someone Oughta Do Something!

The roads just aren't safe...

Party members present: Glorien Ethlaron, Jonn Redgar, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric
Writeup: Faulcon

One could be forgiven having the feeling that Winterhaven has a small kobold bandit problem. Setting out on their usual mission to smite evil and bring goodness and light to all the world, our intrepid trio was joined by a greenhorn would be war leader. He had been so taken with Merry’s tales of derring do, Joreb’s dedication and purity, and Glorien’s… uh Glorien’s… fluttering eyelashes maybe? that he leapt at the chance to accompany them on their day’s venture.

The freshly formed fearsome foursome however was interrupted short of their destination with destiny at the keep of shadowfell by kobold bandits! Of all things to meet on a winterhaven road, kobold bandits were certainly, well number 1 on the list actually. A winterhaven road without its kobold bandit group just wasn’t deserving of the title ‘Road’.

Encounter16 1

Rushing out from cover the kobolds managed to catch Joreb and Jonn Redgar off guard but Merry and Glorien were awake to the danger. Skirmishers and Dragonshields raced in to harry the hardy adventurers who were pressed back before suddenly a wyrmpriest ducked out of cover to bless all of his pitspawn comrades.

Encounter16 3

It was apparent that this was no ordinary group of mere bandits. A wyrmpriest where minions usually appeared? Surely there had to be a reason for such a well equipped squad of the scaled vermin to be defending the road to Shadowfell Keep when even their own lair was not so well covered. A future concern that. In more immediate matters Glorien darted out of the general melee to start feathering the wyrmpriest while Jonn swung his warhammer wildly, as often as not nearly connecting with Joreb as a kobold. First combat jitters hopefully and not an indication of some long term deficiency. Still his shouting remained inspiring to the others even if his attacking prowess was somewhat lacking on the day.

Encounter16 4

Assistance from Merry dropped the wyrmpriest with a dagger through the belly followed by a crippling slash to his legs, a skirmisher who had tried to rescue the kobold cleric quickly following as he was cut off from his other scaled kin. Joreb and Jonn were still holding strong against the remaining kobolds trading blow for blow (or in Jonn’s case, blow for wild airswing) allowing the other two the freedom to choose their targets.

Encounter16 5

Eventually all the evil creatures had been delivered back to their vile creator and the group took the chance for a closer look at their departed foes before setting up camp to recuperate. Suspicions were somewhat confirmed by the amulet the wyrmpriest carried. A thing of evil, it linked him quite closely with the dastardly forces at work ahead in the keep.

Rested and recovered, journey was resumed towards the keep with the adventurers arriving just as dusk was falling.

Encounter16 8

A truly ominous appearing structure of crumbling ruins and some recent repairs, the stairway down into the bowels of this ancient fort beckoned…

danielcollins: 950XP
danielcollins: 238 each
faulcon: 5 gp, 23 sp (hardly seems worth recording…)



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