The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 17: Slam Dunk

You'd think they were big if you were a hobbit!

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric
Writeup: Barre

With the goblin leader journal awaiting peer review it was time to move on. Doubling back the group cleared the guard rooms and a storage room before reaching the entrance, heading in a different direction this time it was not long before they came apon some squabbling golbins.

Encounter20 1
It seems they have been digging up a room in the search for treasure which they believe is not there at all. Taking the advantage of distraction the group pounced, however not everyone in the room where surprised to see us. A pair of guard drakes picked up their scent straight away and attacked.

Encounter20 2With 3 goblin bombadieres scrambling around the drakes were the only threat. Glorien and Splug went to work on the goblins while Merry and Joreb took on the drakes. After a few bites out of Joreb and a classic plank walk from splug the party prevailed. (Treasure?)

The room was otherwise a dead-end and so again the group doubled back to a stairwell they had passed earlier. At the bottom of the stairs the group was set apon by giant rats, Merry quickly overcame his initial fear to run into the fray, much to the rats’ delight. They swarmed Merry and began nibbling away at his furry feet, just as thoughts of rescue hit the other party members a new threat emerged from the darkness.

An oozing mass slide forth and began throwing it’s weight around, launching itself at joreb slamming him into the ground. As the rat numbers where reduced the ooze took a beating, as things looked to be easing up another shock as the ooze split into two. In it’s beaten up state however it was no match for the party and the battle was quickly won.
Encounter20 4

There was no treasure to be found in the cavern, however a small hidden room was found with some supplies.

Treasure: to come

XP = 1250/3 = 416XP each



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