The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 4: Is it a bit chilly in here?

PCs present: Balasar Torrin, Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: almic85

Having taken out the guard drakes in the previous room the adventurers decided to take a more careful approach in the next room letting Merry Merric and Glorien Ethlaron sneak into the room to have a quick look around.

After spotting some kobolds up ahead Glorien decided to use the element of surprise and launch an opening salvo at a dragonshield kobold that was spotted in the distance. However the surprise was on Glorien as a distant rumbling sound suddenly became a lot louder as a large boulder rolled past the elf before crashing into a wall and bouncing off in another direction.

The kobolds then launched a counter attack with a spiretop drake swooping down to attack Balasar and managing to take a fairly chunky bite from the dragonborn warrior before he was able to strike back and hurt the beast. With the added support of Joreb and Merric, Balasar was able to make short work of the spiretop drake while Glorien continued to focus his arrows at the dragonshield kobold he had hit earlier after being immobolised by kobold gluepot.

The large boulder however continued to rumble around the room and managed to squash the hapless halfing Merric underneath its massive weight as his fancy acrobatics proved ineffectual against the height of the boulder. Joreb selflessly ran through the path of the boulder to assist the immobolised Glorien and managed to pull him free of the kobold gluepot just in time for Glorien to move out of the path of the massive boulder before again failing to find the mark with his arrows.
4 1
Having been hit with one of the kobold slingers now infamous gluepots Balasar became stuck to the ground and despite several attempts was unable to muster the strength to pull himself free, leaving him at the mercy of the approaching Dragonshield Kobold, while Merry managed to get himself out from underneath the boulder and climb to the top of the central platform before pushing one of the kobold slingers down into the path of the oncoming boulder.

Hazkal meanwhile charged towards the Kobold Wyrmpriest and managed to land a spectacular blow upon the pesky kobold before finishing off the pesky kobold as he tried to flee from his dwarven strength.
4 2
Following Glorien’s string of poor accuracy Joreb moved up to defend the ranger from the approaching dragonshield and slinger, while Glorien tried to evade the two kobolds. Meanwhile Merry was making short work of the other kobold slinger on top of the central podium and managed to slay the kobold with a flourish of daggers.
4 3
With all the other adventurers having moved further into the dungeon Balasar was left to face the lone Dragonshield kobold with little aid and struggled with the task at hand, before Glorien managed to finally land a shot and cause some damage to the shifty kobold.

Now that Hazkal had finished searching the corpse of the Wyrmpriest he decided to rejoin the fray and charged into the fray alongside Joreb to take on the remaining kobold slinger. Merry leaped down from his perch and landed the killing blow on the remaining dragonsheild while Glorien managed to land the kill shot on the final kobold slinger.

After examining the map and key that Hazkal found on the wyrmpriest a door into the next chamber was found, however before moving onto the next chamber the adventurers decided to block the entrance with a large boulder and take an extended rest in order to recuperate in case of further trouble.

After waking from there extended rest the adventurers decided to continue on through the locked door and into the next chamber. Merry Merric took the lead using his roguish senses to look for traps however the only thing that he did notice was a growing chill in the air as the adventures moved down the narrow corridor. After turning the final corner the adventurers soon discovered the source of the cold to be a young white dragon lurking in the corner of its lair.

Without missing a beat Hazkal fearlessly charged into battle against the dragon becoming a lasting threat for the remainder of the encounter. After gaining some courage from the dwarfs headlong charge Balasar and Joreb moved in to support Hazkal and surround the dragon, while Merry Merric slipped in behind looking for a soft spot to sink his dagger into and Glorien Ethlaron stood back and peppered the dragon with arrows.
4 4
Not liking being surrounded and attacked the dragon let out an icy blast towards Hazkal and Joreb, who were now standing side by side against the threat, before focussing its fury on the chunky dwarf warrior. Luckily Joreb was nearby to lay his healing hands on the dwarf however it did not seem to be enough with the dragon eventually knocking Hazkal unconscious before the diminutive rogue Merry Merric managed to dart in and land the killing blow.

With the dragon defeated the adventures revived Hazkal and Merry Merric set about unlocking the dragons treasure chest. With the dragonhide recovered for Teldorthan and a small treasure trove to split up the adventurers headed back the way they had come towards the town of Fallcrest bringing an end to this adventure.

Total XP (1600) / 5 Party members = 320 XP each



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