The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 25: Hey Batter Batter!

Swing and a miss...

Jonn Redgar , Joreb Innitu , Glorien Ethalron , Merry Merric , Mikal Hanre, Naivara Immeral
Writeup: Luohghcra

Well met once more, dear readers! Come, join me again as we follow the tales of derring-do (but mostly don’t), of our beloved adventurers…

Recall well that the party did battle mightly against stone and narrowly avoid a watery death; watch now, as they progress through another doorway, into a shambling horde of the restless dead!
Session25 2
I weep with joy to inform you of the daring and dynamic way in which our heroes burst through the door, and swiftly dispatch numerous shambling corpses before they had even had time to lift a decaying limb! Glorien, for once able put arrow to bow with some efficacy, slaying two zombies; Mikal, coolly stepping forward to curse and blast a corpse into oblivion before strategically (some might say cowardly), returning to the shadows.
Session25 4
Merry and Jonn, eager to match the efforts of their comrades, rush forward and dispatch yet more of the walking dead. Unfortunately though, this is but a mere prelude, and the two (yes, once again…) find themselves surrounded.
Session25 7
Naivara, our newest recruit, steps forward with ethereal grace and stabs crackling bolt of magic towards another of the undead…
…no shambling minion, this one. As the magical missile strikes, it breifly illuminates a malevolent visage – glowing green eyes narrow, and with a spiteful hiss, the Ghoul leaps to the attack, bounding in with unnatural agility and guile.
Session25 9
As if this were some form of command, suddenly our hapless heroes find themselves beset from all sides! Ghouls leap in to the attack, striking with stunning ferocity. First Merry, then Glorien find themselves at the mercy of the painful claws and teeth of the evil beings.

But in all this, where is our tame paladin? Surely this is his element, fighting the cursed undead?
Ah, there he is… calling upon the power of mighty Pelor to bless his blade – and if ever a blade needed blessing!
This done, Joreb steels himself, and with a cry to Pelor, marches into the melee! With poise and righteous fury, he swings his blessed blade in a glittering arc at a ghoul attempting to gnaw at Glorien..!
Session25 11
A ghoul who, at the very last moment, skitters deftly aside, avoiding what would surely have been a telling blow!
Joreb, aghast at his failure to perform at a critical juncture can do little but watch as the rest of the party does what it must to survive.
Session25 14
Yet more of the ghoul’s fellows join him in the attack, and Glorien is forced to yeild under their onslaught, but maintains his composure (and more importantly, his accuracy.) Merry and Jonn, back to back again, bravely withstand the hordes assailing them, but are ill-prepared for a new threat. From the shadows in the farthest corner of the room appears a perplexing phenomenon – a statue of some kind, appearing to be made of clay, floating some inches above the flagstones!
There is little time to investigate however, and Jonn soon bears witness to this constructs abilities – a mental blast that sends him staggering.

On the other side of the room, Glorien is left stunned and helpless under the claws of the ferocious ghouls. Naivara steps forth, her robes already billowing out as arcane energies fill her lithe form. As the eldritch tempest reaches a crescendo, the enchantress reaches out a hand, and directs the energy through a prismatic orb in her hand – brilliant, blinding flashes of coloured energy stab out at the zombie minions, extinguishing them in violent explosions of decaying matter.
Session25 17
Now with some room to move, Joreb finally dispels his early failure, and wades into the thick of things, righeously smiting the ghouls when they come into range of his blade. Glorien remains helpless under the stunning attacks of the Ghouls, depite Jorebs efforts.
Mikal, stymied by the adroit reflexes of the ghouls, changes his tactics – using his fey abilities, he slips around behind the hordes, and assails the Clay construct.

Jonn and Merry, despite some near misses, are still upright (though barely), and finally depleting the horde before them.
The construct finally shatters into so much broken pottery under the dual magical assault of Mikal and Naivara, with Glorien adding a helping hand, despite his transfixed state.
Joreb, still making up for his embarrasing entrance, is able to finally come to the aid of Merry and Jonn, just in time for the last of the undead to meet its final (final) rest…
Session25 20
And with that, our heroes are able to breath a sigh of relief, clean their weapons, and take stock. Clearly they drew ever closer to the penultimate encounter. What can lay before them?
Stay with us, dear readers! Glorien..sorry.. GLORY, awaits!

Treasure: 176 GP, Bag of Holding.
XP: 1431@238.5 each



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