The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 24: Riding the Knight

(Or how to make your own entertainment)

Jonn Redgar , Joreb Innitu , Glorien Ethalron , Merry Merric , Mikal Hanre, Balasar Torrin
Writeup: lolvenom

The brawl continued unabated, Hobgoblin and Human, Elf and Halfling, carnage abound on every side. Well aimed blows caused injuries to both parties before a deafening roar interrupted proceedings, weapons were momentarily stayed until the source of the noise could be ascertained. It didn’t take long to make itself clear; the hulking form of Balasar Torrin came charging down the corridor from the north, crashing into the nearest Hobgoblin warrior. The sight of the Dragonborn revived the spirits of the party and finally the tide was turned. Joreb and Jonn landed devastating blows, Glorien finally hit something, whilst Merry and Mikal both did their best to avoid engagement by running away.

Picture 9
Eventually the game was up for the Hobgoblins. Merry, seeing the fight was over, lept onto the table to stab the final weakened and surrounded beast in the back. Everyone paused momentarily in the silence that followed; breath was catught and weapons wiped of blood and ichor. The party then seperated in order to explore the surrounding rooms. Four bottles of red wine were found in the crates in the main room, whilst in the Warlocks quarters a chest was found to contain a stash of gold, a shortsword which looked decidedly magical, and a number of leather bound books.

After pocketing the finds and taking a rest, the party decided it was time to resume its exploration of the dungeon. Mikal however, was captivated by some of the volumes found, and promised to catch up to the rest of the explorers shortly. Now a member short the party proceded back to the previously unexplored corridor to the west, exporing down to a set of south facing double doors.

Given the blunders of previous hours it was felt that some stealth might not go amiss. A sensitive Elven ear was put to the doors to see if any noises could be heard. A small, feminie Halfling half checked the lock to ensure it was open. Having found out nothing more from their fumbling, the party assumed the position and pushed the doors open. The doors opened into pitch blackness. Even in the time it took Glorien to retrieve his sun rod from his pack the sheer space of the room could be felt. Once light was struck, the room was revealed to be just as large as it had seemed, spanning tens of meters into the air and easily twice that in diameter. However what struck the party most was not the cavernous size of the room but its contents.

In the middle stood a stone statue of a knight many times the size of a man. His pose spoke of a brave and wily fellow, honourable and loyal. Joreb, Jonn and Balasar stepped forward, eyes raised skyward to observe the glory of the statue infront of them. Without warning the heavy doors slammed shut behind them with a bang, narrowly missing Glorien and trapping Merry out in the corridor where he had tarried. A sense of alarm began to settle over the group, now minus two of their members, trapped in an uncertain situation. Joreb stepped forward to examin the statue up close when suddenly its solid looking arm articulated and swung around in an arc with blazing speed, catching him hard on the upper body and throwing him to the floor.

Picture 14
Wary now, Balasar advanced around the side of the statue to the east towards a smaller statue of a dragon. As he approached the statue blasted out a ball of energy, throwing the Dragonbord from his feet and into the reach of the knights blade. Glorien’s rushed to the back of the daises, where his sharp eyes had picked up the outline of a panel. Prying it open he found the mechanism that allowed the freedom of movement for the otherwise inanimate statue; however the complexity of it baffled any attempts to disable further movement. The party backed away briefly to assess the situation, whilst Jonn and Merry tried in turn to open the door.

To the far south of the room the party spotted seveal smaller statues, resembling cherubs with amphora raised above their heads, nestled back into an alcove. Balasar and Jonn began to work their way cautiously round the western side of the knight, keeping out of its range of motion. Meanwhile Glorien took a more pragmatic approach to the danger it posed and began peppering it with arrows. Balasar finally got close enough to the nearest cherub, and unable to discern a purpose for it, decided the best course of action was to smash it to bits with a mighty blow of his mace.

Picture 15
As this happened, Merry finally managed to slip the bolt holding the heavy doors closed and finally joined the rest of the party in the main chamber. Incensed at what he saw, and at having missed most of the action, he sped across the floor and lept onto the back of the knight, clambering high onto its shoulders to avoid the swinging of its arms. He plunged his dagger into the narrow gaps between plates of armour several times before the statue ground to a halt; apparently too damaged to continue its swing.

Picture 16
The party was all but ready to breathe a sigh of relief until Jonn unwittingly triggered the final trap by stepping across the threshold into the alcove. With a crackle of energy a forcefield appeared behind him, ensuring he was trapped and alone, whilst the innocent looking statues tipped their amphora over. Out gushed a continual torrent of water which began rapidly pooling around his feet. Taking his inspiration from Balasars earlier action, and under pressure to avoid a fate worse than death (that of being an even worse swimmer than Joreb), he took to each of the statues in turn with his hammer. Several heavy blows later, with the water around his knees, the final cherubic face was reduced to rubble. With a pop of inrushing air and outrushing water, the forcefield dissappeared and the party was again reunited.

XP = 1126/6 = 187.6xp each
XP part b = 500/5 = 100xp each
Treasure = 380gp, 4 bottles of red wine, magic weapon (+1 vicious shortsword @520gp)