The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 23: Let Slip the Hobgoblins of War!

Act 1

PCs present: Jonn Redgar , Joreb Innitu , Glorien Ethalron , Mikal Hanre , Merry Merric
Writeup: Luohghcra

Greetings, fellow lovers of adventure! Prepare yourselves for another retelling of the hapless wanderings of our intrepid band. There shall be murder and mayhem aplenty, and possibly even the buckling of a swash or two…

We rejoin our heroes mere moments after they had kicked yet another hornets nest of the hobgoblin kind. Do they this a-purpose, or is it yet more evidence of careless wandering? Time will tell.
Session23 1
This time, the usual festering horde of minions and soldiers was joined by a dabbler in the arcane. A hobgoblin warcaster it was, steeped in the filthy secrets of the darker side of the arcane-coin. Swiftly he made his presence known; levelling a staff of power, and snarling a cantrip, he let loose with a crackling bolt, which staggered the stalwart Jonn. The remainder of the ragged lot (by this I mean the hobgoblins, children, and not our heroes – though I must admit, the distinction is fine..), bouyed by this display of might, surged forward in a motley tide, hacking and screaming in their foul gibberish. Merry was next to feel the brunt of the attack, and only his sneaking, ill-bred talents and agility kept him in the fight.
Session23 2
The party was ill-set, and with Glorien apparently falling afoul of the vagaries of fate (that whimsical puppet-mistress), it fell to the noble Joreb once again. Drawing himself even more uptight…ah, upright, that is… he thunderingly shouted a Name of Might! As one, the ragtag horde visibly shuddered, and as the shockwaves dissipated, many of the grunting hobgoblins fell to the floor, cranial orifices bleeding!
Not content with this display, Joreb proceeded to come to the aid of Jonn, hefting him to his feet, and sending a wave of healing through his still-tingling frame. Back to back now, the two set about them, hacking and hammering at the filthy foe.
Session23 3
The remainder of the party finally found their feet, and started to dismantle the hobgoblins with almost casual ease. Even Merry took a moment to stop ducking flailing flails, typically just in time to put a dagger in the back of the warcaster, who had stumbled backwards under a ringing blow from Jonn Redgar.
Session23 5
Without leadership, the rest of the horde quickly crumbled, like so many soggy cookies. Before they could appreciate a good simile, however, the party was off, looking for more foes to fight!
Session23 6
Were they in for an interesting time…
Session23 7
Advancing stealthily now, our band of merry men nevertheless manage to stumble into yet another den of Hobgoblins. This lot appeared more than ready for them; one of the filthy humanoids – better armed and armoured than his fellows, but possibly even smellier – stepped towards the party and called for his fellows to attempt to capture our intrepid heroes!
Session23 9
After getting over their shock that the Warchief could speak a civilised language, our lads piled in. Things started to look dire from the off, however, with Glorien still unable to put an arrow to good use. Worse was to come. Even though the warchief was swiftly beset, and soon bleeding from numerous wounds, his calls had brought reinforcements.
Session23 10
Merry was once again found to have advanced too swiftly and was soon surrounded. Jonn did his best to come to his diminutive companions aid, but it fell to Mikal, that darkly silent member of the party. Stepping from a cloud of fey mist, he unleashed a maelstrom of energy, which caught numerous foes in its eldritch wake – but also Merry! Staggering back, and almost faltering, it fell to Jonn to once again make an heroic rescue, dodging the blows of the horde and standing over the fallen form of the halfling.
Session23 11
Mikal, meanwhile, had left as callously and mysteriously as he had appeared, attempting to blast the Warchief in the back with arcane energy. So intent was he, however, that he didn’t notice yet more grunting hobgoblins creeping forward to surround him, and he soon had no time for the warchief…
Session23 12

As Jonn helped Merry back to his feet, Joreb struck another foe down, but still they seemed to come on. A dull roar seemed to echo from a distance, the clang of steel was almost drowned out by the nigh-exhausted panting of both parties, and STILL they seemed to come on!

Will our heroes survive this latest encounter?
Stay tuned, dear readers, stay tuned…



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