The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 20: Outnumbered but never outgunned

PCs present: Jonn Redgar , Joreb Innitu , Glorien Ethalron , Merry Merric , Mikal Hanre
Writeup: lolvenom

The snapping shut of the sarcophagi doors brought the adventurers to the startling reality that they’d walked into yet another trap. Sweaty palms and racing hearts lasted barely a moment as bows, spears and swords sprang to hand in a series of well practiced motions. This was what each and every one of them lived for. Sharp ears picked up a scurrying noise from back the way they had come, but thankfully for everyone it was only the Gnome Halfling, Merry.
Session19 1

What followed was nothing short of heroic. Joreb, exhorted to new feats by Jonn’s encouragement, cut a swathe through papery flesh and brittle bones. Glorian’s bow sung out loud and clear, piercing the magic that held the restless dead together. Splug’s spear and Merry’s dagger both drove deep into what had once been living flesh, shattering the animation that kept these corpses moving. Despite this, time and again they came. More shambling apparitions appeared around the far corners, animated in the glowing starlight. The lids of numerous sarcophagi re-opened for a second and third time, disgorging more abominations into the fray. One by one they all met the same fate.
Session19 2

With the final cleaving blow of Joreb’s sword, silence descended. Across the floor lay nothing but rags and bone, the ancient magic that animated them gone. With little more than a nod weapons were sheathed and soft footfalls took the band of adventurers towards the light at the end of the corridor. As the walls widened out into a chamber the party spied waist high stone alters at either end, adorned with burnt out candles. The walls behind each altar were festooned with inscriptions which described it as a holy place, a tomb of Bahumut. A brief search gave rise to a secret chamber containing five silver dragons, which Joreb recognised as being idols of the very same God. The only area left to explore was a set of double doors waiting tantalisingly between the altars.

With a shove the doors banged open. Joreb and Jonn stood poised, expecting the worst. Inside the scene was serene, a small room with a raised dasis at the far end. Surmounting that lay what appeared to be the tomb of a mighty warrior, the relief adoring the lid that of a Knight with arms crossed over his chest. The intrepid adventurers advanced warily, flanking the sarcophagi and investigating every nook and cranny.
Session19 3

Finally the decision was made to open the stone coffin by pushing the lid off. Just as Joreb’s hands reached out to shunt it off, a lound noise rang around the room and the beautifully engraved top exploded in a cloud. Through dust clogged eyes the party spied a humanoid form clad in arcane armour. This turned out to be none other than Sir (Kevin) Keegan, a long dead Knight of Bahumut who was sworn to protect against the coming of evil. As the dust settled he started quizing the party to ascertain their intentions, trying to find out if they were working for the forces of good or not. At first it went well for the party, their words greeted with nods of agreement. However as the conversation progressed the outlook became progressively gloomier, Sir Keegan gesticulating angrily at some of the groups words. Finally with a defiant cry he drew his sword and the adventurers were cast into a pitched battle they’d not anticipated.
Session19 4

Blows were exchanged between Joreb, Jonn and Sir Keegan before a bolt of sizzling energy lept past, engulfing the long dead Knight. In the fever of pitched battle no one had noticed the Warlock, Mikal, enter the room. The battle raged on for a while longer, Sir Keegan nearly felling several of the party before he was eventually overpowered by the combined arms of the party.
Session19 6

Exhausted, shoulders slumped and weapons were sheathed. A search of the tomb revealed nothing of value and the team were left facing the decision of how to proceed, should they heed Sir Keegans words and continue their quest with haste, or should they return to the town to rest?

XP = 1350/4 = 337.5XP each
XP part b = 875/5 = 175XP each



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