The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 18: To sink or swim?

... with plate armour!

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric, Jonn Redgar
Writeup: Barre

With the room cleared the party decided to secure the area before moving on. To the south Merry and Glorien found a corridor of sorts which they decided to check out. Moving forward they discovered an exposed pit trap, at the bottom of qhich lay a strange insectoid type creature which had fallen on a goblin. Not wanted to risk anything of value they sent Splug down to check it out. The creature appeared lifeless and some minor treasure was found.
Encounter21 2
Before they got far though they were alarmed by some scurrying activity ahead, with torches ablaze it was revealed that this creature was not a loner, and his mates did not want us there. Wary for more traps the party took up positions and pressed into battle. With the experience of previous adventures forging them into an efficient machine they were quickly able to lethally subdue the creatures, whom appeared to be from some kind of nest, a nest perhaps containing treasure, on that thought Merry quickly dissappeared and as the rest caught up they found he had indeed found some coins.
Encounter21 3
Otherwise, this proved to be a dead end so the group ventured back to the rat room, where a foreboding set of double doors were waiting to be opened, in fact the sign reading, “Do not enter.. REALLY!”, just could not be resisted, by anyone!

Having taken all challenges in their stride thus far the party were sure this would be another jaunt with high reward, so opened the doors were cast and with the swagger of confidence they strode… to an empty room with a dark pool.
Encounter21 7
Not detered the group took to arms preparing for any number of ghastly foe to spring forth, but when none came it was only head louse that need fear as the group collectively scratched their heads. Glorien with his years of training fell back to his comfort zone buy attempting to shoot the pool.. no result. Merry also searching for a confort zone pulled off a spinning leap onto a tiny island in the center of the pool, skillful it was, but still nothing. The ever practical Jonn simply walked to the waters edge to take a closer look, at this point the water began to move and a mass of slime emerged spitting noxious fumes into the room, causing Jonn and Merry to gag.
Encounter21 9
Joreb, inspired by Merry’s classical leap, attemped the same in an effort to close with the slime, however he found it much harder to perform the full pirouette in his armour, and went splashing into the water. Glorien stepped forth and peppered the slime with arrows, causing some damage, as were Jon and Merry in their state if disgust, Jonn recovered first however only in time to see the slime lashing out with appendages which also caught Glorien, the strike left behind a corrosive goo which Glorien managaed to avoid.

Merry continued to strike away in between wretching, however he was unable to dislodge the smell from his system. The slime struck out again, this time both appendages landed on Jonn who took the full brunt and fell, more goo splashed about his body and began eating into his skin, he was in dire condition.
Encounter21 10
Joreb, after failing to swim to the island, started to sink into the strangely deep pool, he struggled just to keep his head above water, and after an axious moment began to climb out of the pool again, in time to see Jonn fall, he rushed immediately to his aid. The slime was growing weaker now as damage from Glorien, Splug, and Merry began to pile on, however it did manage one last lash which took Joreb and Jonn again, although this time they were able to meet the blow and remained standing.
Encounter21 12
Splug, sensing his time to shine had arrived, stepped forth and buryied his spear into the side of the slime, which quivered sharply and remained still. After a short recovery, which may take a while longer for Jonn judging by the burn scars, the party searched the area and found a parchment case, containing a map to the hold and a note from a mysterious third party pledging assistance to Karalell.


The Joreb take on this escapade…

Do not go in there…
h2. Tagline: If I’d been drinking out of that at the time I might have been killed.

After rats and slimes our brave heroes (and Splug) warily continued into
the caverns. Ahead in the dark a pit was seen and Splug was lowered to
investigate. A goblin and a bizarre six limbed insect lizard thing were
lying dead at the bottom.

Splug was retrieved and the group proceeded onwards only to discover
more pits and a multitude of bug lizards waiting ahead of them.

There was a little surprise shared when Splug charged ahead taking the
fight to the enemy but he was quickly followed by the companions.

The bugs swarmed but were steadily overcome by the swinging blades and
powerful projectiles arrayed against them. These creatures must have
been loosely related to dragons because they also liked to hoard jewels,
a number of precious stones were stacked at the nest.

Turning back from the dead end another door was found. More of a dread
portal actually with the requisite ominous warnings. Which when
translated into adventurer speak means “lots of good stuff in here for
you to gather”. Naturally the four adventurers (and Splug still) opened
the door and entered.

And what a shocking visage waited them. Absolutely nothing. A small
pool around a small island with a corpse in the middle. Certainly no
dragons. And yet there was a strange ripple in the water where the
unusual colours spoke of hidden depths.

With a leap that defied his small stature, Merry landed on the island
and a tentacled mass arose from the waters lashing out and spraying acid
all around. Joreb attempted to join Merry and assist in subduing the
creature but instead found himself displaying the all the aquatic
aptitude of a rock.

Meanwhile Glorien and Jonn were being heavily punished when the great
mass reached out towered them. Joreb gave up on swimming to the island
and desperately tried to simply pull himself back onto dry land. It was
looking very grim for Jonn as he fell to the overwhelming power of the
beast but Joreb was just I’m time to revive him and bring him back into
the fight. Finally Splug drove his spear into the slime and it
collapsed on itself while Splug celebrated.

The corpse was found to be an emissary from the orc brigand leader Iron
Hand(?) with secondary instructions to unleash the beast if negotiations
broke down. Given his presence here (and apparent inability to run as
fast as advised) it would seem that the two groups of ne’erdowells had
not come to an accord. After the terrible battle it was decided that
finally a longer rest was in order and the hidden room where the rats
had previously surrounded was probably the safest spot.

Session 18: To sink or swim?

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