The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 9: One more Ale thanks

PCs present: Banford Coltrane, Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: Faulcon

Having cleared matters with Lord Markelhay the group set about taking stock of their current situation and the first order of business was turning random assets into hard cash. Disposing of the various gems that had been collected during their travels to date netted an extra 260 gold coins which Joreb as keeper of the purse added to their funds. Merry was agitating about a new dagger and given the risk of him sourcing one through ‘alternate avenues’, House Azaer was the next stop, Merry shortly the owner of a chilly new Frost Dagger with 600 gold pieces remaining in the kitty.

Encounter12 1

The halfling satisfied and the rest of the party ready to relax they hit up one of the local pubs recommended by Merry, the Blue Moon Alehouse. Business was extremely slow, in fact their seemed to be only one other customer, though he was shortly joined by 3, well call them acquaintances perhaps? Never one to miss out on a social event, Hazkal drunkenly stumbled over to join the conversation in fulsome manner. Perhaps being short is somewhat of a disadvantage when trying to disuade people from violence though because the man who led the others to the stranger’s table declared him to be ‘the one’ and went for his sword.

Encounter12 3

As is the way with Barroom Brawls, things quickly descended into a variation of chaos. Hazkal barged the stranger into the corner taking a couple of lumps intended originally for the other while Joreb, Merry, Glorien, and the recently arrived Banford raced in. Adding another layer of confusion, 4 brutish looking henchmen charged in from where they’d been loitering round the doors.

Encounter12 4

Glorien was in fine form (there’s a first time for everything after all), his arrows driving deep into the brigand leader while Joreb ran past to assist Hazkal who was beset by the two chief underlings. Combat swirled around the two areas of the Alehouse, the petty thugs dropping fast while Merry finished off their leader. With matters looking desperate the last surviving underling tried to run for the door but was cut down well short (though not permanently) by Merry’s sharp new dagger.

Encounter12 8

The band of ruffians dispatched our intrepid Fortune seekers recovered their drinks then set about learning why such a pitiable looking wretch had drawn the attention of a large and well equipped group of crooks. As it happened – and they were fairly certain he was honest in his gushing gratitude – the man was an acolyte from some distant land following a God of Goodness and Stuff (it may have lost a little in the translation) beset by foes most vile along with many others. He alone had managed to escape the fiends and was attempting to find assistance for those left behind somewhere around Winterhaven. The surviving bandit seemed ill inclined to add any meaningful information to Gervais’ tale but neither did he dispute it, so they hauled his worthless self off to the local militia and set a course for Winterhaven.

Current wealth, 615gp
+1 battleforged armour (dorf size, left with teldorthan)
2 healing pots
crossbow, 20 bolts, longsword, chainmail, 2 daggers (with bluemoon alehouse barkeep)

XP = 500/5 members = 100 XP each

(Teldorthan offers you 700 GP for the armour…he says it will make an excellent birthday present for his eldest son)



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