The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 12: Merry Merric: Big Things Come in Small Packages

The Only Brave Party Member

PCs present: Merry Merric
Writeup: Tomay

Picture 15

Merry Merric decided that he would be pro-active and do some late night investigating of the Grande Shoppe to see what was going on. After waiting for a quiet time during the evening he scouted out the shop to find the back entrance and ensure no one was watching.

Merry managed to pick the lock to the shop with ease. Inside it became clear that the shop had been mostly packed up compared to the other day when the adventurers had visited. The owner of the shop (forgot his name and theres no links from this page) was asleep in his bed, which meant Merric had to be especially quiet.

After finding nothing, Merry stumbled upon a trapdoor and picked the lock to enter down a staircase, shutting the door behind him quietly.

Picture 22

Downstairs it didn’t take long for the real hero of the group to discover a dungeon of horrors. Within the basement were many torturing devices and cages. Most shockingly was a large number of human skeletal remains piled up in two different rooms. Unlike the more morally correct (and therefore stupid) members of the group, Merry realised that this was certainly linked to the rumours of the cultists. Trying to find some suitable evidence to convince his useless team members, Merry grabbed a letter that highlighted a business deal between the shop owner and a local cultist dealing in the dead and wares.

Picture 20

Upon sneaking upstairs Merry was faced with three choices: to kill the shopkeeper in his sleep, to hogtie him and capture him as prisoner or to consult his weakling team members for help should they run into trouble.

It just goes to show that fortune favors the brave, and no one should listen to faulcon.

XP = 200XP



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