The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 15: Into the Keep

After defeating the kobolds on the road the brave adventurers ventured into the Keep down a dark staircase. At the bottom of the stairs was Mikal Hanre, a warlock venturing into the keep of his own accord for unknown reasons. After realising that we would be best served as a team Merry, Gloria and Joreb joined Mikal and ventured forth to find the cultists and stop the ritual.

Merry and Gloria were the first into the keep and noticed a goblin warrior unaware of their presence. When Merry tried to sneak forward and launch a surprise attack he was surprised himself by a trap that opened to a pit containing a pack of rats. Then the fighting began. Gloria was able to lay out some damage to the warrior and Merry managed to climb out of the pit and finish off the first of the goblins. However, it became clear immediately there were more to deal with. In total 4 more warriors and 2 bowmen emerged to begin shooting at Merry Merric as Joreb and Mikal began handing out some damage themselves. The goblins struggled in their attempt to bullrush the adventurers into the pit containing the rats and finally managed it when there were only 2 bowmen left, sending Joreb into the pit. Luckily he managed to just climb out before the rats could do too much damage. Meanwhile, the other adventurers dispatched of the final two goblin archers.

The adventurers then explored the northwest of the dungeon discovering a corridoor that lead to three seperate rooms. After hearing noises coming from the northernmost room, the adventurers opened the door and attempted to barge in (with little success thanks to Joreb’s lack of stealth). Inside it was obvious that the room was intended as a torture chamber with a Goblin Torturer, 3 bowmen, 1 warrior, a prisoner inside a cell and various devices. Joreb and Merry managed to quickly dispatch the goblin torturer after he had a few unsuccessful swings with a burning rod. After opening a hole, Mikal and Glorien burst into the room and dealt significant damage to the goblins. Then it was just a matter of finishing them off as they took the odd shot at the adventurers.

After dispatching of the goblin scum, the adventurers were called over to the prisoners cell where they met Splug a goblin who had been captured because apparently the others did not like him. Splug offered to help the adventurers with his knowledge of the keep in return for freedom from the cell. After some debate the adventurers cautiously set Splug free and armed him with a spear. Whether or not he can be trusted will surely be seen in the next adventure. The heroes must be careful to dispatch of the goblins at a steady rate without taking too much damage in order to conserve their surges for the innevitable confrontation with the goblin’s leader.



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