The Shadow on Fallcrest

Interlude: After Kobold Hall

Treasure gained:
Area 1: Nothing
Area 2: Small bag containing 60GP
Area 3: 100GP, ruby, 2 garnets
Area 4: Small silver key
Area 5: 100GP, pearl, +1 lifedrinker longsword
Teldorthan: 200GP

Total GP: 460GP

Quest XP = 500/6 = 83 XP each

Hazkal talks to Zanros the Destitute to try and establish if the dragon he saw was the same one they killed, or a more mature dragon. He also asks around town (especially merchants and caravan guards and other travellers, if anyone has heard the name Irontooth.

Last of all, he’ll talk to the Lord Warden of Fallcrest about whether their endeavours have helped stem the kobold problem.

He’ll also ask Nimozaran the Green about Irontooth.

Zanros the Destitute: “A dragon? what dragon? I’ve never seen a dragon in these parts. Unless you count that woman who used to share my home…You saw a dragon did you, dwarf? Sure you haven’t been drinking some of those Hammerfast spirits? Got any spare for a poor old soul? It’s going to be cold out tonight…”

No one has heard of the name Irontooth but those travelling outside Fallcrest claim the kobolds are getting more adventurous each day. Something seems to be stirring them up.

The Lord Warden is pleased you have cleaned out Kobold Hall but says “I fear these kobolds are under every rock in the Nentir Vale. They are a stain upon the country side and a blight on our prosperity. At this very moment I have two of my own milita investigating a disappearance that those scaly low-lifes are no doubt behind. I will send for you if my men prove not up to the task”

Nimozaran: “Irontooth huh? I bet he has teeth of iron! I will consult my libraries and ask my apprentice to keep an ear out for information”

Merry Merric is going to go and venture out to sell his “rare, magical items retrieved from a dragons den” and try to make some money. I’m also going to go to the Blue Moon to tell of my well embellished tales and try to pick a few pockets of drunken merchants.

Merry is a little bitter that he is surrounded by such a group of do-gooder’s with no knowledge of commerce (in his opinion) and believes he should have gotten more for that armor off the stingy dwarven smith.

No one seems overly keen on the “dragon items” apart from Zanros the Destitute. He claims to have seen a small dragon swooping over the forest as he went for a walk, just an hour ago. “Right after a dwarf asked me about the beasts too. I bet he might be interested in your items!”

Balasar is going to go and visit the temple of Erathis to offer thanks for surviving against the white dragon and pray for better accuracy with his maul in the future, before heading over to Naerumar’s Imports to look for some more freelance work and finishing up at the Nentir Inn for a quiet drink.

Glorien will pay a visit to High Priest Ressilmae Starlight at the Moonsong Temple to see what he knows of Irontooth, or of increased unrest in the country side, he will also ask what he knows of the Lord Warden and Nimozaran, to determine if they are honourable leaders for the people of Fallcrest.



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