The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 16: Inch by Inch

The Demise of the Baggy Green... Belly

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric, Jonn Redgar, Mikal Hanre
Writeup: Barre

Encounter19 2With the torturer disposed of the crew continued to explore the keep, after a few moments it became apparent it was infested with goblins. They doubled back through a door which they had past earlier, with Merry and Glorien scouting ahead they discovered a guard post with 2 goblins, alarm bell within easy reach, not easy enough though and the masters of shadow, Merry and Glorien, struck with venom and fury, before their eyes had time to widen they were destroyed, one by dagger the other by arrow.

Having avoided the alarm the party congregated and inspected the room and what lay beyond. A curtain seperated the guards from a divided corridor with doors on either side, eager to push on they ignored the side doors to approach the more promising double doors at the end of the corridor.

Encounter19 3
As any budding adventurer knows, there is always trouble behind double doors, this lesson proved correct again as when the doors were opened they were faced with goblin warriors who were guarding the fattest goblin they’d seen, clearly this was a globin of value, perhaps he needs to be studied for scientific purposes only, and we all know scientists can only study things via disection.

The battle was joined with the party pressing the small room for a quick finale. However, passing the doors in the corridor proved a costly oversight, as Mikal at the rear of the party, soon found out. Warriors and minions streamed from the rooms and very quickly went to work on Mikal unprepared he was unable to use his elusiveness effectively and was in dire trouble.
Encounter19 4

With the party’s attentions split the battle was turning to be more problematic, however as with prior encounters all problems have solutions, and Joreb with his shiny plate armour proved the difference, holding most of the goblins at the double doorway he allowed Mikal the chance to flee into the room to safety and gave Glorien the cover to pepper them with arrows, between them they held the door long enough for the others to deal with the primary targets.

With Splug valiently at the fore, supported by Jonn, Merry, and later a beaten up Mikal the guards were systematically dispatched, after which the Green Minke was hard pressed, this situation was unfamiliar for him and he was quickly overwhelmed.
Encounter19 5
With the golbins defeated the party searched the room and found a chest and 2 keys, along with an assortment of treasure.

Treasure: to come

XP = 1475/5 = 295XP each



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