The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 6: Hazkals Log, Date FVK4, Year of the Platypus

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: chunky04

After a short rest, we explored further into the mine of Kavalar Coppernight, seeking to wrest from those scaly little beasts! The party ventured forth down into the mine, and soon found a room that gave a hint that perhaps this mine was a much grander affair than we’d been led to believe.

Encounter7 1

The mine landing was quite grand, with statues of Dwarf heroes and a lush velvet carpet, and many tapestries of old glories on the walls. Of course, this tale would be much more boring without the scaly menace being present.

Encounter7 2

As Joreb and I rushed forth to bring the kobolds to battle, the reptilian munchkins attacked us with the tapestires. I mean, what sort of honourable combatants use textiles depicting our great triumphs as weapons? Unfortunately for Joreb, he was stuck for some time.

Encounter7 4

Of course, no mere cloth could contain me, and I soon charged the bedamned “Wyrmpriest” and cut him in twain! With their leader destroyed so eloquently, the remaining kobolds were demoralised, and easy picking for such a hardened group of kobold hunters such as ourselves. There were a lot of the blighters though, and we required a bit of a lie down before we progressed into the landing.

Encounter7 5

The next room looked like Coppernights feasting hall, though with still nary a Dwarf to be seen (even in the form of bones), it looks like the room had been put to more nefarious purposes.

Encounter8 1
We quickly became embroiled in a brawl with some of our scaly foes of types we had not yet seen, and I was just preparing to give them a taste of my maul when lo and behold the brother of the dragon we had previously slain showed himself. I believe I shall have to bring Zanros the Destitute on our next expedition, so that he might know wtf a dragon looks like. He made some noise about avenging his brothers death and yadayadablahblahIhithimwithmymaul.
Encounter8 2
Once, I proved vital in the felling of another draconic creature, doing significant damage with my maul, which may one day prove to be as powerful as Wyrmfire in the slaying of the scaled beasts. This time, I say quite proudly, I even finished the encounter concious, though it was a close run thing, and once again the valorous Joreb came to my aid with his powers of healing, though why he finds it necessary to get all touchy feely I shall never know, still, I cannot deny the efficacy of his communion with his god, it certainly makes one feel alive!
Encounter8 6
Verily, after slaying the dragon, we had to finish off the remainder of his minions, including a few sneakers amongst them. I retrieved for myself some more dragon teeth to fashion into jewelry, and we prepared to attempt to broach the door, perhaps into the mine proper. I dread to think that perhaps these two dragons we have faced thus far may perhaps simply be the offspring of whatever lies beneath. I doubt Mummy dragon will be best pleased with us…
Encounter8 7

XP = 1423 / 4 members = 355 XP each



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