The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 2: Further Adventuring

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: Tomay
The three brave (kindof) adventurers continued their venture into the dungeon nervously edging their way further. Eventually they were lead to a new room and cautiously peered in to discover another Kobold. Taking the Kobold by surprise, the adventurers quickly sprung an attack, quickly venturing into the room only to discover three more Kobolds awaiting them.
Session2 2

As the Kobolds noticed their presence, they approached the adventurers. Glorien got a few shots off with his bow which had little effect and only managed to enrage the Kobolds further. Sensing the possibility of trouble, Joreb took initiative and approached the two Kobolds to the West. On his Approach Joreb was hit with a dart from some sort of undiscovered trap. Merry Merric went to support Joreb and the two managed to dispatch of the first Kobold, after taking a little damage.

Session2 3

A flanking Kobold managed to attack a lonely Glorien and deal some damage. Merry Merric came to Gloriens aid and the two dispatched him with flanking attacks and finally some good accuracy from Glorien’s bow.

Joreb pursued the last of the Kobolds, being hit by two more darts in the process which left him significantly hurt. However, he managed to dispatch of the last Kobold and the team was left hurt and cautious of the possibility of more traps.
Session2 4

Total XP (550) / 3 Party members = 183 XP each