The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 13: Elementary my dear Padraig

The Paladin who cried wolf!

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric
Writeup: Barre

Glorien and Joreb were enjoying the benefits of their decision to spend the night in town by sleeping soundly in their cots when they were awoken by Merry, he had news of evil doings at the Grand Shoppe and presented the letter he’d discovered to the pair. All thoughts of Merry’s transgressions were forgotten, this was a red hot lead on the cultists.

Quickly the group gathered their gear and proceeded to shop for a polite discussion with Bairwin, or so that what Joreb thought. Allowing Merry and Glorien to sneak into the shop while he stood watch out front served more purposes than he knew. Merry and Glorien moved silently into the shop and skillfully bound Barwain without him so much as stirring. After waking him, the pair “urged” him to speak silently as he answered their questions, after failing to cooperate the captors applied some persuasion but with little effect.

To their surprise Barwain let off a fell attack blinding both, a melee ensued, with Glorien quick to recover firing blindly yet unerringly, Jorreb hearing the attack quickly joined the fray and with Barwain still restrained the scuffle was quickly resolved with a blow to head head knocking him unconscious.

The group restrained him further before reviving him. This time Barwain was more forthcoming having been bested so easily, he informed the party that the ruined keep mentioned by Valthuran, was an fact the fort which he was supplying and the fort was built above a rift to the Shadowfell.

The cultists are in fact followers of Orcus, and are led by a man or creature named Karellel. They have been working on a ritual of an unknown purpose which is due to complete in the next few days.

We have also found out that Irontooth is in fact a Goblin who also follows Orcus and is based in the Lair we ventured to the previous day, another visit is in order.

Having found out as much as they could the group sent for Lord Padraig to inform him of the threat in his town. Joreb sped away to fetch him, after a considerable delay he returned mumbling something about wolves and a slain boy. Lord Padraig followed and seemed oblivious to the accusations until it was eventually spelt out for him, Barwain was a cultist of Orcus! After showing him the proof below the shoppe he had no choice but to hold Barwain for a suitable punishment.

Having ensured the cultist arrived to the keep the party set about making plans for the road ahead, things seem to be moving faster than they’d like and they are seemingly forced to deal with the threat at the keep.

The first port of call was to visit Valthrun with the information they’d recieved on the keep and the visit turned out most beneficial.

Valthrun when questioned further revealed the following information:
“The Keep was built as an outpost of the Empire of Nerath, most likely to guard against the giant tribes living in the northern reaches of the Stonemarch. Many such outpost survived the fall of the empire, but not the Keep: Only two short decades after the empire withdrew its influence from this part of the world, the commander of the garrison – a man by the name of Sir Keegan – began to systematically slaughter every resident of the keep, starting with his own wife and daughter. Some versions of the tale say that Sir Keegan succeeded – that everyone in the keep was slaughtered. Many such tales claim that this was a sacrifice to a dark god, and that Sir Keegan now lives in a sickly paradise within another world – a reward for his bloody gift of tribute.
But since there is, in fact, a story to be told, I suspect the other version of the tale is probably true: Sir Keegan was too skilled for any single soldier to defeat, but eventually the remaining garrison rallied an organized defense. Although many brave soldiers died, Sir Keegan was slain before his dark work could be completed. Following Sir Keegan’s death, the keep became notorious and the tales grew in the telling. The surviving guards scattered, and with the empire gone there was no one to put the keep back into service. So it was abandoned, feared for a time, and – eventually – more or less forgotten. At some point during the last century, an earthquake reportedly collapsed the upper towers and walls.
Rumors persist of great treasures buried beneath the keep, yet there are few tales of anyone daring to explore the ruins. A popular tale in the area was that old Sir Keegan’s ghost still roamed the corridors beneath the keep, wailing his grief and rage. But even this tale has faded with time, and the story of the wailing ghost is used to frighten children. Although the keep is still considered bad luck by most people in these parts, it has largely been forgotten.”

150 GP
200 SP

Potions: Clear, Reddish, Urine
2 Diamonds
+1 Leather Armour

XP = 300/3 = 100XP each



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