The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 8: Duergar Duergar Duergar!

PCs present: Banford Coltrane, Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Merry Merric.
Writeup: Tomay

So after listening to the dude we headed back into the previously cleared area and stumbled upon a host of enemies including 2 ants, 2 kobold pikers, 3 duergars and a dusk devil. Gloria Estefan knew the dusk devil was an etheral creature prone to slowing attacks.

The team decided to sit back and hit a few shots off with Gloria to create a bottleneck next to the barrel transports and focus our attacks. The enemies all charged in and failed to hit Merry Merric on mutilple attempts, Hazkal and Banford weren’t so lucky. The combat then become cluttered as axes and mauls swang around like crazy, mostly missing everyone, except for Hazkal and Banford. Meanwhile Gloria sat behind the crates shooting arrows into the air missing everyone in the combat.

Gradually the team wore down the opponents. As Banford and Hazkal absorbed the damage, Merry Merric managed to flank the opponents and deal some sneak attack killing blows. Gloria struggled to hit anything, except dealing considerable damage to a Duergar. Hazkal and Banford dealt with the mighty Dust Devil and then the team finished off what was left.

Having checked the bodies and the barrels of water the crew headed further in the cave to discover the dead human guards. Upon further inspection we discovered four armoured devil thingysand upon yelling “Now” the explosion killed one and severely damaged the other. In three quick striked the rest of the team finished of the remainder.

Slowly the team continued on down river in the dark to be confronted by a new bunch of foes including; an ant, two duergar scouts and a duergar wizard. The scouts used their abilites to hide in the shadows and deal considerable damage as the ant clogged the way, leaving the team volnuerable to the magic of the duergar. Glorian finally saved the day with four magnificent shots to kill the scout and the ant in the way. This allowed Hazkal and Merry access to the Theurge where they dealt enough damage to have it nearly dead.

Then from nowhere the Theurge let out a howl and damaged most of the party, including Hazkal who was knocked unconscious. The battle was continuing to ebb and flow as the tide turned continuously. With Hazkal on his deathbed and the rest of the team rather damaged, it was time to end the encounter as soon as possible.

Luckily with the use of Banford’s Paladin powers, Hazkal came back to life to finish off the Theurge. Merry then dealt the final blow to the Scout and ended the encounter.

XP = 1635/4 party members = 408 XP each



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