The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 7: Delving to the rescue!

PCs present: Balasar Torrin, Banford Coltrane, Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric.
Write up: Barre

After the frantic battle the Blue Moon crew took a rest, they would need their strength for the coming descent through the, no doubt, infested mines. Before too long the crew were alarmed to hear noises coming from the entrance of the mines, quickly arming themselves they were ready to face what ever hideous force was to greet them. As they came into view a gasp of repulsion escaped Merric’s lips, it was worse than thought, Balasar and Banford had arrived.

After a quick run through the crew gathered to venture through the double doors which indicated the start of the mines. It was not long before Glorien picked up the voices of a foe ahead, then out of nowhere a Giant Ant Warrior appeared taking a long gash out of Glorien’s thigh, Glorien withdrew and the fight started in earnest, Merric, Glorien, and Joreb lay into the warrior who was in bad shape in short time.


Becoming more aware of their surrounds the crew noticed 3 Duergar guarding what appeared to be a pit covered with a grate, alarmingly a female voice could be heard, struggling to stay above water from the sounds of it. Reacting to the noise a guard grabbed a cup, from which he’d been pouring liquid into the hole, and joined the fray, throwing the contents at Jorreb, much to his distress it was an acid and started to burn away at his skin. The Duergar then flicked his head propelling a spin from beneath his beard towards Jorreb, after slapping the spine from his skin where it struck he quickly turned pale and looked unsteady on his feet.

Following up from the guard was another Giant Ant Warrior who, noticing the acid burning away on Jorreb’s arm pressed in for the kill, adding some of his own bodily fluid to react violently with the acid, leaving Jorreb in quite bad shape, without help, he’d not last long. As the rest of the crew rushed in the lines were drawn and the arm wrestle began. The wounded Giant Ant soon fell, followed by his kin, but the Duergar proved hard to put aside, their armour proving more than a match for the crews’ wayward blows. As the fight appeared to be bogging down Glorien decided to try and buy the captive some time by rushing over and lowering a rope for her to help keep afloat, she took the hint and appeared to be able to hold steady.


A loud blast and some very colourful language from Hazkal signaled that Balasar had used his breath weapon at close range, it hurt the group, but it also wore down the guards who started to see they would not get out of this one. Merric was also looking in bad shape but that did not stop him from dodging between the bigger folk for the chance and sticking an exposed hind. A second guard fell and the battle was drawing to a close, Balasar and Hazkal moved to assist with the rescue whilst the others dispatched the final guard.


The grate was pulled open and a Dwarven woman was pulled to safety, Hazkal applied some salves to help with her acid burns, after she had recovered a little she revealed that Coppernight was holed up further into the mines when she was captured. It seems the Duergar have been searching the waterways of the mines for something unknown. She had also felt tremours which have been destabilising the mines. Her name was Herquin and she was being interrogated to reveal the location of traps and barricades which have been frustrating the Duergar in their searches.

Finally she brought to our attention the recent efforts of Coppernight to construct a magical communication device, in fact Coopernight is positioned at the receiver for the device which would allow us to talk with him if we managed to get it working. After a squabble between Merric and Hazkal the group agreed to follow Harquin to the device for the attempt.

After a serious of tweaks and tinkering the crew were able to get the machine working and spoke to Coppernight directly. Like Harquin he mentioned there are a considerable amount of defensive devices set in the mines, he instructed the group on how to trigger a blast near any barricade we might find, simply yell and they will detonate.

Alarmingly though he informed the group that the Dwarves were out of food and water, adding to this there has been a cave in which has trapped them in the cavern leaving them only a few hours of air. Merric pressed Coppernight for a reward for the rescue effort, much to the chagrin of the remaining crew, Coppernight however assured him that one would be forthcoming. With the final member convinced the effort is underway.

XP = 1150/6 party memebers = 191 XP each



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