The Shadow on Fallcrest

Bones, Bones, Bones

Session on 21st June.

In which the intrepid heroes play with corpses, go for an odd sort of swim, and engage in chemical warfare.

Dramatis Personae
Joreb Innitu : A paladin of questionable resolve.
Naivara Immeral : A mage of questionable modesty.
Soveliss : A rogue of questionable sense.
Revenant of Ruin : Just plain questionable.

Our last installment saw our heroes preparing to cross a threshold after dispatching some ne’er do well Harpies and their Sauhuguin freinds.

After much cautious poking, prodding, and edging, the heroes valiantly crept forward, completely surprising an empty room. Well, empty for the most part. After a thorough examination of the surrounds and the two statues lining the walls, it was determined that a portion of the room contained a not so cleverly conceiled pressure plate, or something of the sort!

Session36 1

This lead to further discussion on the merits of corpse tossing and tight rope walking, even proceding to the point of having resident mook and alround magic missile tossing guy, human mage apprentice, be sent to retrieve a corpse from the previous room. However, it was not to be, as cooler heads prevailed and it was determined that a hasty retreat from the fearsome prospect of something happening was the best course of action.

Retracing their steps back past the scene of their entrance and to the north, a new portal (in the mundane sense) was found, just past a corridor (of which more will be mentioned at a later date). Again, a cautious approach was adopted.

Session36 2

Upon finding another seemingly occupied room, yet finding no method of locating its occupants nor luring them to honourable combat, the heroicly nervous party instead turned the attentions to yet another doorway. For once throwing caution, and the obvious warning sign of an outwardly bulging doorway to the wind, the party very quickly found themselves inundated in a flood of sliding bone.

As if awaiting this very signal (perish the thought!) a tide of plague rats then chose to appear, skittering, leaping and twitching their way towards our heroes, who where finding it very difficulty going, failing at such combat necessities as standing up, breathing, and keeping your blood on the inside.

Session36 3

But lo! A saviour appears. For the trusty (and busty) Eladrin Mage Naivara, paragon of the fair fight, virtue of the trials of ritual combat, procedures to slaughter every last one of the stinking little rodents with a thorough and liberal application of the only moderately frowned upon by the geneva conventions spell : Stinking Cloud.

Session36 4

Once fumigation had been completed, and the party had extricated themselves from the bony predicament, the reassembled team proceeded back down towards the previously mentioned corridor, where some skulky scouting revealed a pair of hulking reptilian monstrosities, lurking in a deep pool and perfectly placed to be part of next weeks adventure.

Session36 7


XP : Some.
Loot : None.