The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 19: Blinded by the Light

Another runner in the night

PCs present: Glorien Ethlaron, Joreb Innitu, Jonn Redgar
Writeup: Faulcon

Only one path from the original stairs remained uninvestigated, it was time to move down the southern corridor. The first few rooms were still devoid of life, the goblins who had originally been there having been previously killed when the ruins were first entered. The corridor twisted onwards when around the corner shambled some denizens of the night, bits of rotted flesh barely clinging to yellowed bones.

Session18 2

Joreb charged forward blocking up the passageway and obliterating a lumbering corpse with a quick swing of his blade. With Jonn encouraging him, Joreb swung again light flashing from his blade as the zombie ignited in holy fire. Glorien stood behind peppering the undead with arrows while Splug threw his javelins and stabbed the occasional zombie with his spear. Before you could blink the corpses were all down and behaving like properly dead creatures, stationary on the ground.

Session18 3

Moving north the sharp eyed Glorien spotted some strange rune like markings on the ground. It was quickly apparent these were some kind of trap but there was no way around them so Glorien used an arrow in an attempt to trigger the marking from a distance. His attempt was successful, the trap making a terrifying screech that sent all bar Joreb fleeing for their lives and sanity and waking the shuffling hordes that had been dozing beyond the trap.

Session18 6

A host of zombies began advancing towards the valiant crew and once again Joreb led the charge, blocking off a large part of the corridor. The undead simply could not bear to touch his dazzling armour while his blazing sword scythed through their ranks.

Session18 7

Glorien was almost caught out as the zombies split and sought to find a way around the paladin, Splug and Jonn moved to intercept the new threat while GLorian rained his shafts in both directions. Despite their vast numbers and weight of mass the zombies simply could not find any gap in the defences presented and when the last zombie fell there was hardly a scratch left to show they had even attacked.

Session18 9

Glorien suggested using the zombie corpses to build a path over the trapping runes as they had passed without any difficulties so several of the bodies were dragged over and laid on the passage forming a crude cadaver crossing. With this method the traps were successfully circumvented and the area thoroughly explored. No more zombies were found so they returned south to where some skeletons had been previously detected.

Session18 10

Upon reaching the area where the skeletons had been there was no movement, only the presence of several standing crypts. Moving into position to open one of the stone sarcophagi Joreb set off a new trap that awoke the residents of all 10 tombs leaving the group surrounded but ready to leap into action…

Session18 13