The Shadow on Fallcrest

Session 3: And then there were six...

PCs present: Balasar Torrin, Banford Coltrane, Glorien Ethlaron, Hazkal, Joreb Innitu, Merry Merric
Write up: Chavo

With the party thickened up by the addition of Hazkal, Balasar and Banford the party ventured deeper into the lair in search of the missing armour shipment.

Our adventurers quickly found company in the form of more Kobold’s on 10-foot ledge… Already ceding the higher ground to the enemies, they added to their own woes with Banford’s unsubtle entrance to the chamber losing them any chance of a surprise attack.

Swldnd 2109

The problem were short lived however, as after some momentary difficulties with the Takeshi’s Castle style defenses, our heroes stormed the ledge and quickly dispatched the few sentries up on the ledge.

Deeper into the defenses a new enemy emerged in the form of a pair of Guard Drakes. The drakes took some sizable pieces out of the Hazkal, but not enough however to slow the teams progress.

With a much thicker front line, and some strong team work building, things are looking up for Terldorthan – surely it is a matter of time before he gets his wares back.

Total XP (675) / 6 Party members = 112 each



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