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  • Temple of Erathis

    Shown on "map":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-shadow-on-fallcrest/maps/show/11511 of [[Fallcrest | Fallcrest]]

    This large, impressive stone temple is finished with Fallcrest’s native marble. Its chapel is a large rotunda with a 30 …

  • Erathis


    Erathis is the god of civilization. She is the muse of great invention, founder of cities, and author of laws. Rulers, judges, pioneers, and devoted citizens revere her, and her temples hold prominent places in most of the world’s …

  • Dirina Mornbrow

    Dirina is a woman of about sixty who is convinced of the superiority of Erathis’s dogma, and disappointed that more people in Fallcrest don’t pay proper reverence to “our city’s patron god.” She is familiar with several divination and restoration rituals …